I uploaded the schlieren images video I took…

I uploaded the schlieren images/video I took this weekend. I improved the illumination and focusing, so that a larger volume was imaged, to good effect I think. I am thinking of putting together an instructable, and a thingiverse thing with my 3D printed optical mounts in the near future.

Schlieren Images


  1. Hello Scott,
    I saw a picture of you showing your Software Defined Radio (SDR). It looks like one of the USRP models from Ettus Research (ettus.com). Is that right? I have been thinking of using a digilent FPBA board plus a KNJN flashy ADC to make an inexpensive SDR.

    • Griff

      It was an Ettus USRP. I also have a FunCube Dongle. Some of the other guys are working with the TV tuner that has gotten some press on Hackaday lately (don’t remember the name).

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