CGW Found a Home

We’ve found a space! CWG is in the process of moving into our very own, and Columbia’s first hackerspace!

Head over to our ABOUT page to see where it is.

Here’s our current, projected timeline for moving in:

2013-01-17: Normally-scheduled hack night at my house. Most of the night will be creating the operating rules for the space and discussing what facilities we will need to build.
2013-01-31: Hack night at Brad’s shop (assuming he’s up for it, otherwise my place again). We’ll finalize of designs created at last meeting, including required materials, and arrange to move in the larger items that CGW owns/is being donated. Last regular CGW meeting outside of the space.
2013-02-01: Move-in Day (Night, whatever). We’ll bring in the big items for CGW and get the materials for whatever benches/shelves/death rays we’ve designed. Also, we can stand around, drink beer, and talk about how cool our new space is. From this point forward, the bi-weekly hack night becomes a weekly hack night/CGW meeting on Thursdays @ 19:00.
2013-02-02: Build Weekend. A lot of woodworking will happen, I’m sure. Also, moving things around, hanging lights, setting up security cameras, and possibly starting work on building entry systems for members.
2013-02-09: Probably another build weekend. I’m betting we’ll have a lot to do. Whatever it is, we can talk about it at the first meeting in our new hackerspace two days before this!!!!!
2013-02-14: Haha, hack night on Valentine’s Day.
2013-02-15/16: Open House. At least, I’m hoping that by this point we’ll have enough of our crap together to show something to the public. Press release will include this event. We’ll have to put together a couple showcases of our awesome technology and probably provide food. I’m sure we can do it.

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