The New Space is Almost Complete

We’ve made tons of progress over the past couple months.

And I’m happy to say that, thanks to the hard work and dedication of our members, we now have a viable new hackerspace to build and learn in.


Of course, we’re not entirely done (will we ever be?). Our to-do list still includes building custom workbenches to put inside our lab, setting up the shop area for larger tools, and tying up various loose ends after the move. But our accomplishments thus far are worth celebrating, and we’d like break in the new CGW with a little get-together. So we’re inviting anyone who has ever been interested in CGW to a Hackerspace Warming Party on the evening of February 21st.

Come out to see everything that Gadget Works has to offer. There will be socializing, food, and random acts of hacking along with demonstrations of 3D printing and lifecasting.

The CGW Hackerspace Warming Party

Sunday, Feb 21st 3:00-7:00pm

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