Update: Open Hack Nights Suspended Until April 30th

I realize now that I never sent an update about the suspension of in-person Open Hack Nights after the the Boone County and Missouri stay-at-home orders were enacted. These emergency orders, which prohibit social gatherings such as ours, are part of an effort to slow the transmission of COVID-19 during this pandemic and do not expire until Friday, April 24th. Therefore, our next Open Hack Night will be April 30th. Again, this date may be further postponed depending on the situation.

I have been eager to scratch that social maker itch, so I encourage everyone available to meet up in the General Voice Channel of our Discord server tonight at the normal meeting time, 7:00pm. We can talk about some of the projects we have going on and about the maker efforts to help out in response to the pandemic.

We Had a Great Time at Makerfaire Milwaukee

Makerfaire visitors look at the various member projects CGW brought for display.

This past weekend, two of our members made the trip all the way to Wisconsin to represent Columbia Gadget Works at Makerfaire Milwaukee. The projects they brought captured the interest of many faire-goers, and our members learned a great deal meeting with several makerspaces in the area.

Special thanks to David, Ahndhi, and Dan for sending along their projects for showcase. You can see our video about David’s foundry below, and look forward Ahndhi’s musical instruments in the next Project Spotlight.