Frequently Asked Questions

Scott showing off his DSP universal radio.

Who are you?

We are a group of Makers, DIYers, Hackers, Builders, Circuit Benders, Garage Inventors, and Basement Scientists in Central Missouri who like to explore science, technology, art and craft and the interstitial space in between.

Where are you located?

Columbia Gadget Works currently resides in rented shop space from Creative Space LLC., located at 1404 Grand Avenue, Columbia MO 65203

What is Columbia Gadget Works?

Columbia Gadget Works is a group where people with common interests, usually in computers, technology, or digital or electronic art can meet, socialize and/or collaborate. Several of our members have shops of various sizes, and are usually willing to let members use certain parts of them at meetings. Come to one of our weekly Thursday meetups to find out what we’re all about.

That’s great, but what’s a hackerspace?

A hackerspace is an open technology lab, where people who are interested in working on interesting projects can meet and work together. The first hackerspace opened in 1981 in Berlin, Germany. According to , there are now more than 350 around the world, of which more than 150 are in the United States.

So, What exactly is a Hacker?

In home and hobby circles, a hacker is a person who enjoys exploring the limits of what is possible, in a spirit of playful cleverness. They may also heavily modify software or hardware of their own computer system. But its not limited to that, we would consider a hacker any one who like to build and modify stuff.

How can I join?

If you think you’d be interested in joining Columbia Gadget Works you can head over to our Membership page and join. If you think you would like to just come to one of our meetings and learn more; you can RSVP to our next hack night on our meetup page.

What are your bylaws?

Our bylaws may be found here.

How else can I support CGW?

Please check out our Amazon Wish List or consider making a purchase through our affiliate link.


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