First Meeting of the New Year!

Come out and visit CGW for our first meeting of the New Year! Bring a project or help out with one!

We’ll be gathering at Brad’s shop in the woods for another exciting night of hacking (Location details on Meetup)


Here’s a loose agenda for the evening

  • Review Bylaws ( Here and there will be copies at the meeting )
  • Set date to check out the actual space and finalize things with Gary Pauley (Brad, Matthew, Zach, and whoever else would like to come along)
  • Set date for moving into our new space (what do we need to have by then? Current list of stuff we want is here )
  • Hack stuff!


We had a great Hack meeting at Shop…

We had a great Hack meeting at Shop in the Woods Thursday night.
Brad had the 3D printer printing and the laser cutter cutting. Luc, Alex and Keenan were working on the wooden iphone project. This is kind of a fund raiser, awareness project. Luc and Keenan have 9 orders for them so far from friends at school.
Scott had is universal DSP radio up and working with cool realtime FFT plots.

Photo’s from the Hack Night:

It was a fun evening with a great turnout!