Open House and Cardboard Robot Fighting Recap

Thank you to everyone who came out last weekend for CGW’s first open house. We hope you had a great time and learned just a little more about hacking, making, and building.

We also hope that everyone had fun at the first ever (as far as we know, still) cardboard robot fighting tournament! In case you are interested, here is the complete tournament bracket. Be sure to check out the recap video, which has every fight in the competition, and the winning bot’s build video to see what kind of hackery goes into cardboard robots.

Excellent job to all of our competitors, who worked hard to build their incredible cardboard contraptions:

  • Sneaky Wild – David
  • Spinny Thing – Luc
  • ‘ OR 1=1 — – Matt
  • Cheesebot – Ryan
  • Paper Machete – Zach

And huge thanks to our judges, Brad and Trevon, and our timekeeper, Cassie, who gave up a Saturday afternoon to make the whole competition work.

We plan on hosting more cardboard robot fights, so you still have a chance to build your own bot and compete. Keep watching our Twitter, Facebook, and this site for more details. In the meantime, see our combat robot wiki page for competitions rules and more information about building a cardboard combat robot.

The CGW Cardboard Robot Fighting Championship


We are pleased to announce that CGW will be hosting the first-ever (as far as we can tell) cardboard robot combat tournament right here in mid-Missouri. The rules are finalized, the date is set, and the battle arena is being built. All we need is robots to fight and builders to make those bots.

That’s where you come in. If you’ve ever been interested in robot fighting, this is your chance to get started. Go to the official website and sign up as a builder. The more bots that sign up, the more exciting the battles will be, and the more fun we’ll all have.

Not sure how to get started? Have questions about what’s legal? Check out our Google Group for discussion about the tournament and please feel free to hit us up for more info.

The fights will be held Saturday, September 19th at the Columbia Gadget Works hackerspace. Be sure to check back here for more info, including some events to help builders get started on their first bot.