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Creative Spaces LLC Has provided a RFID+PIN access control system for the CGW side of the building. CGW specific access control isn't currently planned but may be reconsidered at a further date.


  • Provide secure access to the space for paying members.
    • Allow entry through either door.
  • Allow administration from authorized persons.
  • Log entries with correlated snapshots from cameras.
  • Ability to tweet when space is in use.
  • Utilize motion sensor to lock down space after use.


  • Compute device - Arduino or Raspberry Pi
  • RFID/PIN pad
  • RFID tags/cards
  • Electronic door strike
  • Motion sensor
  • Siren


  • First entry after defined time (outside of public events) should require PIN+RFID.
    • Allow scheduling of public events where door can remain unlocked after the first authorization.
  • Follow up entries can utilize RFID only.
  • System should arm if no motion is detected after a configurable timeout.
  • System should alarm and send email if motion is detected without access code.