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Columbia Gadget Works is the original hackerspace in Central Missouri. We are a group of makers, DIYers, hackers, builders, circuit benders, garage inventors, and basement scientists who like to explore science, technology, arts, crafts, and the interstitial space between. The current form of CGW arose in late 2010, and we've been happily hacking ever since. In February of 2013, we began renting garage space in an industrial area off Paris Rd in Columbia to serve as the base of operations for our world domination plans.

All are welcome to our regular events and hack nights, but only dues-paying members have 24/7 access to the space. We encourage you to come by and meet our group, but in the meantime feel free to learn more about us and our equipment.

Physical Location

We reside in a portion of a building owned by Creative Spaces LLC. Our portion is located on the "B" side of the building (left entry door). There is a CGW logo on the door. Just ring the door bell if you're coming to one of our hack nights.


Columbia Gadget Works
1404 Grand Ave.
Columbia, MO 65203


15.5x22ft (341 sqft) office space.
10x20ft (200 sqft) workshop.

Online Presence

CGW started out online, and most of our group discussion and scheduling still happens there.


Google Group!forum/columbia-gadget-works

Sometimes referred to as "the mailing list", our Google Group is where the majority of discussion among members occurs. We often send messages about ad-hoc meetups, information about the space, or just news in the maker world. Any member or prospective member is encouraged to join, as it is probably the best way to keep up with the current activities of CGW.

Google Calendar



Meetup is our primary public posting of upcoming events where just about anyone (with a Meetup account) can RSVP.


Channel: #cgw


Public Board