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Logo Description Options
CGW Gear The Columbia Gadget Works logo is a gear with a lightning bolt running through it. Pretty cool, huh?
Compact Logo The compact logo is useful for stickers and vinyl decals.
Banner Logo The banner logo is best used for banners, bumper stickers, etc.
Rendered CGW Gear This STL version of the CGW gear was created by simply extruding the SVG file into 3 dimensions. This can be used for 3d printing, conversion into other 3d formats, or rendering.
CGW Youtube Banner This image was originally made as the banner for our Youtube channel. It has since been used for other sites, as well as the background images on our lab computers. The code featured is for our Cardboard Robot Kits, and the circuit diagram was for our high-altitude balloon tracker.
  • No other versions available.

A basic list of all known forms of the CGW logo


Most CGW graphics primarily use orange, dark grey, and light grey for their color schemes. These are the exact HTML codes used in many of our designs.

  • Orange: #bf4d28
  • Dark: #333333
  • Light: #eeeeee


CGW has chosen Ubuntu Regular as the primary font for most digitally written works because it is an attractive, modern font with an open license. You can download and find more information about the Ubuntu Font Family at their website.

Video Description Template

<<<<<<< Insert short video synopsis here. >>>>>>>

Meetup Group:

Music: <<<<<<< If music was used, put attribution here. Generally, a link to the artist's web page. >>>>>>>