Vial Piercing Mechanism

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The vial piercing mechanism will utilize sterilized evacuated medical vials to pull in a small amount of ambient air at specified altitude(s).

The mechanism consists of a hobby servo, four evacuated vials, and four injection needles. The vials will be positioned in an "H" patter with the servo composing the horizontal portion and vials composing the vertical portions. When the servo is actuated the two vials in the opposing corners will be pushed onto their respective needles, allowing air to be introduced into the vial. Springs placed round the needles will then push the vial off of the needles once the servo is returned to the neutral position. The will serve multiple purposes of maintaining a balanced assembly, having redundancy, and keeping the mechanism simple. This mechanism also allows two difference samples to be taken. Either at the same altitude or at different altitudes for additional experimentation.

The assembly of the mechanism will consist of pvc pipe or other similar component surrounding the vials to hold them in place and guide them onto the needle directly. The servo will have an actuator arm mounted to it that will fit into a slot in the pipe, when actuated the servo arm will then push the vial onto the needle temperorarily piercing the seal.