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** [[Zach Zeman]]
** [[Zach Zeman]]
* Shop Area
* Shop Area
** [[Dan Goldstein]]
** Unfilled
== Area Captain Guidelines ==
== Area Captain Guidelines ==

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Area Captains are members of Columbia Gadget Works who have voluntarily taken on the responsibility of ensuring that the tools and equipment in an area of our hackerspace are ready to be used safely.

Current Captains

Area Captain Guidelines

  • There will be one primary captain who will be the main point of contact for the board for their area.
  • Captains may appoint an unlimited amount of co-captains to support them in their responsibilites.
  • An area captain must keep and maintain an updated list of co-captains for their area.
  • All captains and co-captains must have a Member Page which includes basic contact information (an email address at minimum).
  • The officers will approve the appointment of all primary captains with a simple majority.
  • The officers can remove primary and co-captains from their role with a simple majority.

Area Captains and Co-Captains shall...

  • be able to train on the majority of tools on in their area.
  • be accessible to train at least once per month.
  • facilitate the maintenance of area tools.
  • coordinate area clean up.

Primary Captains shall...

  • be the first line of approval for new tools entering the area.
  • control parking ticket policy in their area.
  • be able to issue parking permits for their area.
  • organize with the officers in area layout.
  • organize with the officers for the purchase of area consumables.
  • create and post a list of area maintenance and cleaning to be done on space improvement day.


The Area Captains system is based on the Area Champions system devised at Milwaukee Makerspace.