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== Group Projects ==
== Group Projects ==
=== Current ===
=== Current ===
* [[Hack COVID Rotation Bed]]
* [[Laser Cutter]]
* [[Laser Cutter]]
* [[CNC Plasma Cutter]]
* [[CNC Plasma Cutter]]

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Welcome to our hackerspace's official repository of information. It is currently incomplete. Please add content to fill in any holes.

Consult the User's Guide for information on using the wiki software.

Events and Activities


Second Tuesday of Each Month

Last Sunday of Each Month

About the Hackerspace

Tools and Hardware

Media Conversion

Devices, materials and supplies for building, hacking, and re-purposing

  • Air motors, gauges, switches and related parts
  • Wide selection old computers and monitors
  • Parts from disassembled, printers, amps, computers

Group Projects




Member Projects