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== Design Ideas ==
== Design Ideas ==
A raw collection of design images is available on [https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1MwnwVR4c5RFWnIQ7BWbrPwVCwVoE9qbt CGW's Google Drive].

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This project aims to build a system that can be used to rotate a patient onto their front to ease breathing.

Drawing of a Stryker Wedge Turning Bed, one of the existing solutions that is not available.

Healthcare Need

This is the original request from our healthcare contact:

As you all know, those of us at MU Health Care are working hard to be as ready as possible for the inevitable surge of COVID patients. I’m reaching out for some equipment-related help. This is mostly for you brilliant and resourceful engineering folks and for those of you with engineering contacts.

One of the treatment techniques that seems to help COVID patients on ventilators is turning them face down in bed. This allows for better lung function. However, without specialized equipment for this, the process of turning requires many staff members (often 5-6) in full body contact with the patient. Given that full body PPE is unobtainable, this is not a safe situation for our staff. We used to have the device pictured in the attachments. For a variety of reasons, this device is no longer available. There are softer, fancier versions out there, but not available.

My ask is this: is there anyone willing and able to actually build similar devices? What we want is a contraption that one or two staff members that could slide a patient into and then rotate into a prone position.

Existing Products

There are several existing products that hospitals use to accomplish this task.

Stryker 965 Wedge Turning Frame

Antia Med Wedge Spinal Operation Frame

  • Max Weight: 160 kg
  • Max/Min Bed Height: 760mm / 320mm
  • One of the devices referenced by the healthcare contact
  • Not much known about this besides some technical info


Design Ideas

A raw collection of design images is available on CGW's Google Drive.