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== Estimated Date ==
== Estimated Date ==
* The future (summer-ish)
* May 2014 (Weather dependent)

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Project Goals

  • Send a balloon with some sort of electronic equipment into the sky and try to retrieve it*.
  • Reach near space.
  • Take some really cool pictures.

* (Mostly) intact







  • Altitude & GPS logger
  • Telemetry TX/RX

Persons of Interest

  • Matthew - I'll try to facilitate things as best I can to move us towards our goal.
  • Zach - I like space (and near-space) and I have done this once before. Also, ham license.
  • Do you want to be a PoI on this project? Go ahead and add yourself and what your role will be!

Estimated Date

  • May 2014 (Weather dependent)